Echo Jury: Our panel of fans question referee’s dubious decision at Stoke vs Sunderland

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I WATCHED Kevin Friend referee a League One game between Bradford and Coventry recently, and thought he couldn’t really get any worse, writes Matthew Foster.

But after Saturday, I stand corrected.

Wes Brown made what was an absolutely perfect tackle, and no appeals were made as to it being a free-kick. So to send him off, has to be the most ridiculous decision I’ve ever seen.

I was then of the expectation that he would be across the board with his decisions. Yet he didn’t even flinch when Begovic flew out of his goal with a high foot straight into Fletcher. In fact, he even had the audacity to book Larsson for complaining!

Mr Friend? He’s no Friend of ours.

These ridiculous decisions are costing us massively. But when things go wrong, they really go wrong. I once again can only imagine what we could have done with a full complement of players.

Now we’re back at the bottom, with an embarrassing away record, exacerbated by the teams we’ve actually faced. Villa is massive game for us now, with our desperation for points even worse. And one certainly hopes we don’t see a repeat of our last visit there!