Echo Jury: Our panel of fans are angered by Sunderland’s failure to beat 10-man Norwich

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OK, NOW we can start to worry, writes Michael Quinn.

We needed a win going into games against Manchester United, Chelsea and Newcastle, but couldn’t even manage it against 10 men. Yet again, our attack was inept. Without the penalty we could have been there all day and still wouldn’t have scored.

The substitutions were also baffling. Taking off Graham was understandable, but replacing him with McClean was not. A straight double switch of Graham and Johnson for McClean and Wickham was required, but it wasn’t until 83 minutes that the latter was introduced.

We really did suffer when Graham went off. Although McClean got crosses into the box, there was only Fletcher there to try to get on the end of them. Johnson had a very poor game, his crossing and movement was poor throughout. I don’t know how he lasted so long before being substituted.

Now is the time that the supporters really need to get behind the lads, but they are making it difficult. To play against 10 men for over 60 minutes and still not score in open play displays the hallmarks of a team in contention for relegation.

We really need a win in our next game, but against Manchester Utd that is easier said than done!

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