Echo Jury: Gary Wilkinson looks back at Saturday’s heavy defeat at Man City

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AN AWAY defeat against the champions, the majority would have expected that. The majority won’t be shocked at the scoreline or match stats either.

I can’t really say I am. What I wasn’t expecting though was another limp and lacklustre performance. Sunderland offered absolutely nothing, not one sign of any fight or desire.

The opening five minutes were disastrous. After Cuellar made that needless tackle on Tevez, leading to Kolarov’s unstoppable free kick. We might as well of packed up and came home.

I can’t really see why Cuellar was brought back in, Bramble has arguably been our steadiest defender so far this season.

Yet again McClean and Sessegnon were average at best. How does the chant for Sess go? ‘God took Messi and Pele, mixed the two to make one’? If that’s the case Messi and Pele combined make a footballer that flatters to deceive. Sess has offered nothing this season, no goal threat and he creates very little. The manager should be kicking the lad up the backside, or dropping him.

I’m trying to think of what was pleasing from the game? Danny Rose performed well again and that’s probably about it.

The tactics need changing before derby day. Inviting teams onto us and hoping Fletcher nicks a goal is not making good viewing.

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