Echo Jury: Fading hopes ... dire display spells big trouble for Sunderland

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PATHETIC. Gutless. Lacklustre, writes Matthew Foster.

Whichever word you feel suits Sunderland’s performance most, take your pick. All three apply perfectly.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m trying hard to be as positive as possible, but I simply can’t bring myself to.

What was positive about that? Nothing at all. From start to finish we were second best, and never truly looked like scoring.

What shocks me more is that it was the same starting line-up that beat Newcastle 3-0. A game where we started well and looked like we wanted it. On Saturday, it felt like they couldn’t be bothered.

Looking at the first goal, it was utterly avoidable, and was simply a gift to Norwich that they took with aplomb.

Yes, their second goal was an incredible strike, but their constant pressure was bound to pay dividends eventually, and would leave no chance of recovery.

What really topped the day off perfectly, though, was Alonso needlessly getting sent off.

Seven red cards for Sunderland this season is absolutely ridiculous, and we’ll be missing a key player against Liverpool.

Speaking of which, we’ll also be missing Borini. Add that to Liverpool’s incredible form and Wednesday night is not one I’m particularly looking forward too!