Echo Jury: Andy MacDonald reflects on another share of the spoils

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IT’S hard to know what to make of our season so far. On one hand, we are unbeaten and have got points from three tough away games, but, on the other, we have led three times and not been able to get the win and none of the performances have been great.

We seem to get ahead and just sit back and soak up the pressure instead of pushing on and trying to finish teams off. We invite teams to come at us by sitting back and defending deep and we don’t seem to be able to keep the ball and maintain some possession to relieve the pressure.

The midfield were not great again and I think we need to bench McClean and give somebody else a chance. Also, for me, it’s either Catts or Colback in the centre of midfield. They are very similar players and neither give us a lot going forward. I would like to see Gardner play centrally as he is better going forward and could support Fletcher more.

West Ham had a lot of chances, but I feel our defence played well and dealt with most of it, but if you give any decent team that many chances they are going to score.

Overall, I’m disappointed with the performance but happy with the point. We’re not playing great but still picking up points and a win against Wigan this week and things will look a lot better.

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