Echo Jury: A disheartening Sunderland defeat leaves our panel bereft

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WHAT a throughly disappointing display by the Black Cats on Saturday, writes Matthew Foster.

The most confusing part for me is going from pushing a great Chelsea side, to seemingly toothless at times against Spurs.

I’m not one to mince my words, but unfortunately there were too few players in that match who showed real fight. You wouldn’t believe we were bottom by the lack of effort from some of them.

Sadly, one player that falls in that category recently is Fletcher.

People have been quick to jump on Altidore’s back this season for not scoring, but you cannot fault the American for work-rate.

Unfortunately, I’ve found myself questioning exactly that with Fletcher in quite a few games.

As Mourinho said, our quality of players supercedes those around us, but, sadly, those around us are still picking up the points.

Our problem right now seems to be killing teams off when we take the lead, as we have dropped 11 points from winning positions so far.

The games this month will definitely have a massive bearing on our season. And with West Ham and Norwich next, anything less than four points could leave us with too much to do.