DAVID PREECE: Lamine Kone should be on a bonus for the positive PR he’s bringing to Sunderland

Lamine Kone
Lamine Kone
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Part two of the Chronicles of Lamine Kone comes to you this week from Ramside Hall Hotel.

After extensively extolling the virtues of the great man since he arrived on Wearside, just when I thought I couldn’t love him any more than I do, he goes and does something like this.

The cult of Kone is growing and he’s showing every other footballer how to relate to fans

David Preece

My friend’s sister, cousin of ex-Sunderland player Richard Ord, Faye Marshall, was out having dinner with her family at the hotel when her son, Hugo, spotted the big man out of the window.

Sure enough it was Lamine, and so keen was he to meet his hero, he rushed straight outside to grab him.

He arrived back to his parents table, out of breath and sweating after Kone produced a ball from somewhere and played football with the Hugo for over half an hour.

This story won’t surprise many Sunderland fans and it may not seem such a big deal to those who haven’t been following the player on TV or social media, but the cult of Kone is growing and he’s showing every other footballer how to relate to fans.

Not everyone gets to play football with their hero like this and I’m sure there’d be plenty of other players who would have made their excuses and left.

Big Sam might not be so pleased at him risking injury by playing football with kids but it’s something young Hugo will never forget and a great touch for Lamine to take time out to treat a big Sunderland fan to a special day he can go and tell all his friends at school about.

The only problem his parents have now is that Hugo wants to take his boots with him, every time they go out for lunch.

The man should be on some kind of bonus for all the positive PR he’s bringing to the club.

Two big thumbs up again for Lamine Kone.