David Moyes lifts lid on Sunderland departure, Ellis Short, Simon Grayson appointment and getting back into management

Former Sunderland manager David Moyes.
Former Sunderland manager David Moyes.
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David Moyes has spoken for the first time since resigning as Sunderland boss in the wake of relegation from the Premier League.

The Scot handed in his notice at the end of last season, a campaign which saw the Black Cats finish bottom of the table and drop out of the top flight for the first time in a decade.

Sunderland owner Ellis Short.

Sunderland owner Ellis Short.

In his first interviews since leaving the Stadium of Light, Moyes has lifted the lid on his departure to The Sun and the Daily Mail about why he resigned, his time at Sunderland, his relationship with Ellis Short, the club's finances, his plans to get back into management and he has also backed the appointment of Simon Grayson.

Here are some of the main points.

Moyes on getting relegated:

"At the end of the day, I was the manager who got them relegated. That was my first ever relegation and I hope it’ll be my last as well.

Sunderland chief executive Martin Bain

Sunderland chief executive Martin Bain

"Losing got me down. To be passionate and strong, you need something to go for you. If you are getting beaten all the time, it is very difficult.

"I knew the squad wasn’t big enough and I knew the level of players we would need to give us a chance of staying in the Premier League – it was a squad that was not at Premier League level.

"I think Harry Redknapp got it right when he said Antonio Conte couldn’t have kept up Sunderland last season."

Moyes on his Sunderland departure:

"For Sunderland to get back up quickly, I felt we had to follow the clubs that had spent the money, like Newcastle.

"And when I told Ellis about that he said he wouldn’t be able to fund it, he didn’t have the money.

"We met and spoke after the Chelsea game, but I had a good idea of what the outcome of the meeting would be because I was in close dialogue with the chief executive Martin Bain.

"Ellis didn’t want me to go and neither did Martin, but I felt I couldn’t stay under what it looked like.

"And knowing that nearly 70 people had been made redundant and I was choosing to resign, I was never going to ask for a pay-off."

Moyes on Sunderland owner Ellis Short and the club's finances:

"I wouldn’t have taken the job had I known the extent of the financial problems and maybe it was my job to do better due diligence.

"I wasn’t aware of the amount of issues Sunderland had – the amount of debt, the players they had to pay back and the detail in some of the contracts.

"I don’t feel let down by Ellis because he had always wanted me. He had been after me four or five times.

"And when you go into a club it’s very difficult to say, 'Show me all you’ve got'. Sometimes you have to take people at face value.

"I think the disappointment was that I didn’t know the club was going to be put up for sale.

"I only found that out three months into the job, after we found out there was going to be no money available in the January window.

"Ellis spoke to me a couple of times and said, 'Look, I’ve put £300m of my own cash in here. I’ve got no more'. But I didn’t know that beforehand."

Moyes on Simon Grayson's appointment:

"I helped Martin [Bain, Sunderland chief executive]. He was talking a lot about the managers and what they were going to do so I helped him as much as I could with the decision.

"Simon and the other people that were in with it were all getting discussed. I think Simon is a good choice for where Sunderland are.

"I’ve spoken to him a couple of times, so I think Simon has gone in with a much better understanding of what the situation is. I think they will do well in the end but it might take him a bit of time."

Moyes on getting back into management:

"My last game was my 499th as a Premier League manager. I’ve got about 890 games as a manager in total and I’d like to break the thousand.

"There’s a sense of wanting to get it right and have a team that wins. I’ve got quite a good time left in me."