Daniel Vasey shares his thoughts on the Sunderland v Liverpool game

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FOR all we can moan about the bad decisions by the referee, it doesn’t gloss over the fact we were beaten by the better side.

Liverpool dominated from the penalty onwards. Up until then it was a fairly even game with us having a bit of possession without creating anything, then came the penalty.

The foul was clearly outside the box and why the referee changed his mind, we will never know. He was truly woeful and people wonder why managers are so critical of referees. But when they are making game-changing decisions which are clearly wrong they deserve all the criticism that comes their way.

Other than the ref, the performance in general was awful. The defence looked shaky and Mensah brought the penalty on himself by trying to be clever in the first place and getting caught out.

The midfield was poor, with Cattermole the only man to come off the pitch with any credit. Obviously the injuries didn’t help, but it doesn’t disguise the fact that no one performed well.

Gyan, although he was starved of any decent service, was awful. He didn’t hold the ball up and tried too many flicks.

Despite 47,000 fans, there was no atmosphere, as the players again failed to perform in front of a sell-out crowd (Newcastle at home anyone?)

I know it’s not Quinn’s fault, but how he is going to get the fans to come back when we play as badly as that? Three shots in the whole match and one on target, which came in the 85th minute, is pathetic.

We have yet another break before we travel to Man City. Hopefully Bruce will teach someone how to take a corner in that time.

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