Daniel Vasey gives his prediction on the Blackpool game

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WHAT a strange week. Having claimed a last-minute equaliser against the Mags and sitting in sixth place, everything seemed to be going well, until Darren Bent handed a transfer request in out of the blue.

Bruce and Quinn have both had fairly strong opinions on the matter and I don’t blame them – Bent has let not only his team-mates down, but the fans as well. He could have been a legend at Sunderland but instead chose to be greedy and join Villa for a bit more money.

If a player doesn’t want to play for the club then the club should get rid, no matter who they are. I can’t wait until we play them next year because if he thinks the fans will give him a good reception he really is deluded. But, at the end of the day, he’s gone and we have to get a replacement in and move on.

Against Blackpool, the only option Bruce has is to go 4-5-1, with Gyan playing the lone striker’s role. With Welbeck apparently out for six to eight weeks, we need a striker to come in whether it’s just a stop-gap replacement until the summer or a big-money signing.

If Gyan gets injured, then we only have either David Healy or an untried youngster, which doesn’t exactly inspire confidence, if we are trying to get a European spot.

I’d imagine Zenden will replace Bent, as we need someone with a bit of class and composure on the ball.

Blackpool are always a danger, but I’m sure our players will have the home match fresh in their minds, where we were basically mugged by them. If we play like we did in that match, but this time put our chances away, we should come away with the win.

Prediction: Blackpool 0 Sunderland 2

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