CHRIS YOUNG: Poyet must get years at Sunderland

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“I LIKE Gus Poyet, but...”

That phrase has been uttered by a succession of supporters over the last month.

Since making six changes to the starting line-up at Hull City, Poyet has come under fire for the first time during his Sunderland tenure for his team selection, formation and January signings, as he has desperately searched for a winning formula.

Poyet has undoubtedly made mistakes. Just one pont in the six Premier League games since the Tyne-Wear derby, plus the impact of Adam Johnson from the bench against West Ham, is testament to that.

But while questioning Poyet’s decision-making is understandable, it is fatal to ponder whether he is the right man for the job.

The former Brighton boss is far from the prime candidate to blame for Sunderland’s plight.

And one of the main reasons behind this sorry state is that the club has constantly revolved the managerial merry-go-round over the last three years.

Poyet has a long-term vision for this club. He was the man chosen by Ellis Short and he has to be given several years to see if that plan comes to fruition.