Chris Young column - Both Di Canio and De Fanti to blame at Sunderland

Paolo Di Canio
Paolo Di Canio
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THE WAR of words between Paolo Di Canio and Roberto De Fanti at least provided some light relief earlier this week.

The two hapless Italians trading insults on their brief Sunderland tenures did neither a favour. It only reinforced the notion that the club is better off without them.

De Fanti was right when he stated that Di Canio “always blames everybody else but himself.”

Equally, Di Canio had plenty of justification in drawing attention to the shortcomings of De Fanti’s horrific shopping spree, albeit the head coach had far more of a say in incomings than he let on.

Both are inevitably trying to pass the buck, to repair their damaged reputations as much as possible.

Di Canio, in particular, needs to shine the spotlight elsewhere if he is to get back into management.

Bolton clearly had little time for his application prior to the appointment of Neil Lennon.

Di Canio will need to set his sights much lower and go back to a club of Swindon’s ilk; a struggling League Two or League One outfit in dire need of a shot in the arm, plus a healthy dose of publicity.

But neither Di Canio nor De Fanti can walk away scot-free from their Sunderland tenures. They both left a legacy of carnage.