Chris Smith: Will the football gods be kind to Sunderland in the relegation run-in?

Sam Allardyce
Sam Allardyce
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Usually, at this time of year, I am praying to the golf gods as I prepare my spring assault on the golf courses.

I am usually unheard, but it made me think of the weekends game at Stoke, and about how the gods usually have a strange sense of humour in both golf and football.

Why did they allow us to play so bad?

Make us go down a goal?

Deny us a blatant hand ball penalty then give us a lifeline in injury time, only to be told that up the road our relegation rivals won?

I am wondering if their perverse actions have a lasting effect on the final outcome on the final day of the season.

Are they that cruel that they would tease and taunt us in our bid for survival?

Would they lead us down this path, only to make us suffer at the end?

I wonder if they enjoy toying with our emotions?

We have a team that I now feel can compete in this league, and under Sam Allardyce we just need time to settle and get re-established.

Time that the football gods may not allow us.

We have flirted with destiny the past few seasons, and some say that this is our last flirtation.

But I am hoping that the gods have their own agenda and are going to let us fulfil our budding potential and survive again.

I am still praying on the 1st tee, and praying for our safety too.