Chris Smith: Sunderland's fans will drive the team on and give them belief

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There are those out there that say our team has no heart.

That it only starts beating after Easter, after 'our resurrection'.

Sunderland AFC supporters at Stoke City

Sunderland AFC supporters at Stoke City

I find these comments heartless.

It is true that when Big Sam Allardyce left for 'greener' pastures it felt like we had had the heart ripped out of our collective chests.

However, we still had a pulse.

That throbbing grew faint when we started to lose player after player to injury.

As the injuries grew, we felt the blood draining out of our bodies.

You see, on paper, we still have a team that can compete in this league.

I saw a graph the other day that stated that we have a full team in the ICU and given time, we will get them back, but the question is, do we have enough time?

We have the time to blood our youth to inject new blood into our veins and revitalise our ailing team, or at least to keep the blood flowing.

We have wonderful supporters who are the heart of our club, who are prepared to give first aid, and to administer CPR until help arrives.

Because supporters are the pulse inside of every team. They keep them going.

They drive them on when all hope is lost. They sing and cheer them on when no one else does.

They give them belief even when they don't believe themselves.

So take heart my friends, we will survive, provided we keep giving them a reason to play their hearts out.

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