Chris Smith: Sunderland fans deserve their day in the sun, just like Swansea and Everton supporters

Jermain Defoe in action for Sunderland against Leicester City
Jermain Defoe in action for Sunderland against Leicester City
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Once again we have gone into the new Premier League season with more questions than answers.

A renewed sense of optimism ran rampant through the rampart hordes that support our beloved club.

Or at least it did until the opening day trip to Leicester City, a trip that ended in an all-too familiar 4-2 defeat.

Looking back, was this summer optimism warranted? Didn’t we just do that last year, and the year before that?

Every season, it seems to be the same thing.

No, not what you are thinking!

I am talking about the one club that surpasses all expectation and defies logic and has a stellar year in the Premier League: Swansea City, Stoke City, WBA and Everton have all had their day in the sun over the past few years!

I think it is high time that we long suffering loyal fans get to enjoy a top half finish, without worrying over relegation!

It would be a comfort to be safe before Easter instead of the annual nail-biting fight against the drop.

The new player recruiting has not gone the way most of us would have liked.

For a while there it seemed like Dick himself was the marquee signing, but some new blood has finally arrived, and Jeremain Lens could be the trigger if we are going to do something different this season.

Likewise, our pre-season seemed to be going the same way, until Jeremain Lens pulled the trigger in the final pre-season friendly and salvaged something memorable, from an unmemorable pre-season.

There is still some shuffling to be done and I am sure Dick will sort it all out before the transfer window closes at the end of August.

If not we may find ourselves without answers to all of our questions.....again!

* This fan blog was sent to us by Sunderland fan Chris Smith.

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