Chris Smith: Sunderland benefiting from having a 'real football man' at the helm

Sunderland boss Sam Allardyce
Sunderland boss Sam Allardyce
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No game this weekend, so I am contemplating where we are at, as a club.

Since Big Sam Allardyce came in, we have six wins and four draws in the 22 games he has been in charge of, for a total of 22 points.

Jan Kirchhoff in action for Sunderland away at Southampton

Jan Kirchhoff in action for Sunderland away at Southampton

The improvement in performances since January has far exceeded what we have been used to, and one wonders what might have been had he took charge earlier?

In just one window, he has managed to put together a side that will compete in the top flight.

There are those that would have had us relegated several years ago, but for the fight and willingness of endless escapes competed and completed more by good luck, than good management.

Now, it seems that we have that good management in place to move forward.

The irony is that what went on before the transfer window could mean that we may not be in this division next year.

That would be a travesty considering how we have stayed up previously with lesser skilled teams.

Now the battle is on again.

Only this time we have a solid-looking team more than capable of holding its own, and the prospect of having more funds to improve upon come the summer.

The doom and gloom brigade will say dropping down will give us a chance to ‘clean house’, but isn’t that what Sam is doing right now?

It makes a huge difference when you have a real football man at the helm.

I just hope he has the chance next season to show everyone we’ve got game.

* This blog was written for the Sunderland Echo by a Sunderland AFC fan.

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