Chris Smith: Expectations lowered at Sunderland but we need to stand behind Gus Poyet

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AS we head into the last quarter of the season, I used the off weekend to reflect on why we are where we are – again!

Last season, we pulled off one of the (if not THE) greatest escapes in football history.

I feel that if this had been done by a more southern team, then there would be much more hype about it and with the signing of some potential players, the expectation for this season was much higher.

I should have known better than to have higher expectations.

As being a Sunderland supporter for over 50 years has worn down some of my resolve about how far our ‘sleeping giant’ can go.

But I did have a feeling that we would not be embroiled in a relegation scrap (again).

I felt that with Gus’s tutelage and the new boys coming in it would solidify our station in the league, and start us on our way to becoming the team I always dreamed of.

Alas, it never came (again), and here we are fighting for our lives when it could and should be quite different.

I have since lowered my expectations, and instead of calling for his head, we should stand behind Gus, and give him time to bring his philosophy to the players, staff and the academy.

I believe that in time - if it is given - he will eventually turn things around, bring in players more suited, and then my expectations may be lifted.

Well, that is my hope, and my expectation.

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