Chris Smith: Crystal Palace defeat shattered the hope of Sunderland fans

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AFTER the most memorable mauling over the Magpies, celebrations went long into the night, and emotions were at an all time high.

After the party however, comes the clean up.

Just as the champagne crystal glasses were still drying on the draining board, your old obnoxious neighbour, (you know the one, the one that nobody could stand, the one that moved away a while ago, and everyone was happy) decided that he would stop by for a visit and bring his equally obnoxious brat children with him.

You politely invite him in, knowing full well, that these unruly kids will destroy everything in their path including your pristine crystal glasses.

So it was no surprise that after the high of the Newcastle win, came the low of the Palace defeat.

The game was going to plan at first. We bossed possession.

Our wing-backs were doing all the right things by swinging in crosses and defending well.

The only thing missing was the finishing touch.

Then at half-time the blustery ill-wind changed direction on us and our world fell apart.

In all our celebrations, we forgot that our lads have confidence that is as frail as any champagne crystal glass.

The broken glass shards went everywhere, sending fans fleeing for the exits.

All that remains is the clean up, again.

Not the kind of clean up we were expecting, but Dick better have a plan B, because any more shattering blows like this, we will have to change from champagne to Coca-Cola.

Crystal Palace shattered our glasses, and along with it a lot of hope too.