Chris Joseph: Middlesbrough fans would love Derby matches against Newcastle and Sunderland next season

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I MUST say - in the spirit of friendly banter and rivalry of course - that if truth be known Middlesbrough are my team and lifelong passion.

Our fight to get back to the Premier League is my main focus and I’m not altogether sure of and don’t take much notice of what is happening up the road with Newcastle or Sunderland’s latest plight.

But I am willing to bet the Mackems would delight in hammering the Geordies at the weekend- and vice versa!

I also freely admit to having a wry smile when results don’t go for either team and I wouldn’t be too sad to wave at Sunderland if they went down, provided the Boro were going in the opposite direction!

But then again, on the other hand, it would be great to have some real ‘Derby’ matches next season against the pair of them.

Leeds United is the nearest the Boro get these days to a Derby fixture so it would be fantastic to play Sunderland and Newcastle in the Premier League next year.

Here’s hoping!

Then of course there is Hartlepool United - I’d love them to stay in the Football League.

Up the Boro!

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