Chris Coleman press conference: Sunderland boss on his impact, 'incredible' welcome from fans, managing at the Stadium of Light and THAT home record

Sunderland boss Chris Coleman.
Sunderland boss Chris Coleman.
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Sunderland boss Chris Coleman held his press conference this afternoon ahead of his first game in charge at the Stadium of Light.

Reading visit Wearside on Saturday afternoon in the Championship and Coleman was asked about his impact, the welcome from the fans, the dismal home record and managing at the Stadium of Light.

Sunderland players celebrate the win at Burton Albion.

Sunderland players celebrate the win at Burton Albion.

Here are some of the highlights from the TV section of the press conference.

What has Coleman changed since he took charge?

"Sometimes coming into a new environment I think you can push your ideas too hard too soon. Sometimes things can take time when you come to a new club.

"We’ve not been working slowly but we have been mindful of the situation.

Sunderland fans at Burton Albion.

Sunderland fans at Burton Albion.

"But we still have to make sure the players buy into what we want from them and so far so good. There’s a lot of good staff around me who are helping a lot, and the players are working hard too.

"We still have about eight first team players injured, but the players that we do have available have been very receptive.

"I see a combined effort daily that they want to do something about that."

On impact made?

"I think we’ll know in two or three months.

"We’ve had two games though - won one and lost one. We didn’t get too down when we lost and we won’t get too carried away with the win.

"We have won the game, celebrated it, now it has gone. It is an old cliche but it is game by game, whether you are at the top or the bottom of the league.

"It is very much next game, challenge, preparation, let's get ready for it.

"I was delighted with last weekend but it has gone now. Last weekend was a six pointer, this weekend is too. And the week after. That is where we are, nothing to be afraid of.

"There is nothing to shy away from, you have to be excited about the challenge. This is another one to get right."

On welcome from Sunderland fans?

"It’s been fantastic. It’s an incredible welcome they’ve given me.

"Although I can’t offer any promises to anyone but I can say I’m fully committed and ecstatic to be here. Everything I’ve got I’ll give to them.

"If they’re happy for me to be here, I promise you it’s not half as happy as I am to be here.

"I know it’s a huge challenge and I don’t want to let anyone down. Although it’s such a big club, it’s got such a family feel to it as well. In the two weeks we’ve been here, me and Kit, we’ve already felt that.

"I want to do well for Sunderland. The very least they deserve is everything I’ve got."

On home record? Sunderland haven't won at the Stadium of Light since December 17.

"There are no exscuses. It is an unwanted record, of course. One that can only be changed by us, there is nothing we can do about the past.

"It is pointless looking into it, you can hang onto it if you want to but we can't rip it up. It is there. All we can do is look forward.

"The quicker we do that of course you get that unwanted burden and pressure off your shoulders. Only us can put that right, we are looking forward to that challenge.

"We can't be walking on to the pitch thinking doom and gloom. You have to walk on to the pitch larger than life, stick your chest out. Get on with it.

"Stay strong come what may, that is the mentality that gets you away from where we are. The message has been consistent, be as positive as we can.

"It has to be more measured, we have to play smart. Football is physical with lots of running but we want them to be street wise too.

"Reading won't come here and just sit back and say have it your way. We need to be smart, have a bit of savvy about us for the full 90+ not just 10 minutes.

"We have to play a smart football game, it is hard work but have to use your brain on the pitch too. Saturday is no different.

"I don't want everybody to think overnight everything is rosy, we still have mountains to climb yet. It is how you look at it? Enjoy it or put off by it? I am not put off by it.

"Bad times don't last forever, they don't. Tough times don't last forever, you get through it. Good strong people, they last, tough times don't, you get through it.

"That is what we have to do."

Taking charge at the Stadium of Light for the first time?

"I am looking forward to it, I took a walk around the stadium earlier this week, it is a fantastic place.

"You can only imagine what it is like when things are going well.

"It can help us now because I know what the supporters can be like if they have a team with them, producing performances - they can be a huge help to us. I need them with us.

"I don't mind if they start complaining, I really don't, as long as there are thousands of them there!

"I prefer that as it is noise and atmosphere , as long as they are there. It is up to us to keep them there, up to us to excite them and keep them coming back.

"I am looking forward to Saturday immensely."