Chris Coleman discusses his own future, Ellis Short and his advice to potential new Sunderland owners

Sunderland manager Chris Coleman.
Sunderland manager Chris Coleman.
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Chris Coleman wants to remain Sunderland manager whatever division the club is in but admits the ownership issue and vision going forward will have an impact on his future.

Owner Ellis Short is looking to sell the club, which is languishing in the Championship drop zone with successive relegations on the cards.

Sunderland owner Ellis Short.

Sunderland owner Ellis Short.

Coleman has spoken of his desire to remain at the helm, even if the club were to be relegated to League One, and says if the club was to be sold this summer the new owners should look at the past five years and do things "completely different".

The Black Cats boss was speaking at the Academy of Light at his pre-match press conference ahead of the trip to Elland Road on Saturday to face Leeds United in the Championship.

When asked what does the future hold for him, Coleman said: "It is not about the division we are in, it is about who owns the club and what the plan is.

"It won't be because I am saying I don't want to be here. Not at all. I wanted to manage Sunderland, whichever league.

"It will be what is the future, who is the owner and what are the plans for the club?

"Am I in the plans? Am I not? The answer of were my future is, is with someone else.

"Nothing more I would like than to rebuild this team and turn it around. It won't be my decision, it will be above me."

There is a dark cloud of uncertainty hanging over the club until the ownership issue is resolved and while there is strong interest from multiple parties, as of yet, there is no resolution.

Short continues to cover Sunderland’s considerable losses to keep the club afloat but there has been next to no investment in the team this season, with just over £1million spent in the past two transfer windows on new signings.

Instead Coleman, and Simon Grayson before him, has had to rely on loan signings, free agents and low cost additions.

Asked if Short remains and financial restraints are the same, would you be willing to carry on in League One, Coleman said: "As tough as it is, it is still Sunderland football club to me.

"If that happens and we drop and we have the same owner and he doesn't want to put any more money in, then yes there is a conversation.

"If I think can we still make an impact in the league below with what we've got, that will be a conversation.

"It is hard for me to talk about Ellis because I haven't spoken to the man. I know what his plans are, to sell the club.

"If he can't sell and we drop, I still want to manage Sunderland football club. I would like to have a crack at putting something together to do something in that league.

"It won't be easy but is is very doable.

"It is hard for me to answer those questions, I don't know if it will be Ellis or someone else and I don't know what their plans are.

"It is the uncertainty and the not knowing.

"We have seven players on loan, players out of contact we have not started negotiations with in terms of who will be here and who won't. We have a relegation dogfight on our hands representing a big football club, there is a lot happening.

"It is tough circumstances but for the experience I am having it will still make me better. We are all struggling, you have to get through it.

"Wherever we finish, we have to work from there. There is a blueprint then to work from there but I can't say that yet.

"I don't know where we will be yet or who will be with me or who will be here full stop. I hope to God I am here. I want to be here."

Coleman added: "It is not about which league we are in, it is about who is here and who has a plan and is it a good one?

"All that anybody has to do who buys this club is look at it, the last four or five years, and do it completely different, that is what they have to do

"That is my opinion. If they share that with me, brilliant."