Chief executive Martin Bain seeks to foster ‘winning mentality’ throughout Sunderland AFC

Martin Bain, Sunderland's chief executive
Martin Bain, Sunderland's chief executive
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Sunderland’s chief executive, Martin Bain, hopes to encourage a winning mentality throughout the Stadium of Light – as the Black Cats face up to another fight for Premier League survival.

Bain, appointed to the role in the summer, has already overseen the departure of manager Sam Allardyce and his replacement by David Moyes.

Only two points have been secured from the first eight matches, leaving Sunderland rooted to the foot of the table.

Asked in an interview on about his main focus for the coming months, Bain said: “Winning. Fundamentally, I have to do everything in my power to make sure we strengthen that squad.

“That’s my daily task every day with David, to strengthen that team.

“I need to ensure that’s our overall objective is to give him every possible opportunity to succeed.”

When I talk about winning, I mean a winning mentality throughout the club, because culturally if we don’t start to believe that we can win, and that we believe we can achieve, then if it’s prevalent in other areas of the club, then it diffuses to other aspects.

“The whole club has to start believeing that we can achieve and we can win.”

The former Rangers chief executive believes Moyes is “a builder”, just what is required for the current situation.

He added: “If together we can just show that this is a rebuilding plan, and the fans stick with the club, as I’m sure they will, because they’ve had a lot of suffering in recent years.

“I genuinely believe there’s a real desire and if you have that desire you can achieve great things together.”