Chelsea boss Ancelotti confident after Sunderland win

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NOT a single question was asked of Carlos Ancelotti by the Press corps about the game they’d just seen at the Stadium of Light last night.

Instead there was only one thing the nation’s media – having trailed up from London to interview the Chelsea boss – wanted answering and that was: how on earth do you squeeze new signings Fernando Torres and David Luiz into a side as excellent as the Premier League champions had just been against Sunderland?

A single day in the transfer market has given back to Chelsea’s squad its former look of invincibility, with Torres and Luiz signing for more than £70m.

But, without either of them in the squad, a truly impressive Chelsea put Sunderland to the sword. Though it was 4-2 on the night, the visitors could easily have won by more.

Chelsea have now won their last four games in a row to storm back into the top four.

But whether they can chase down a Manchester United side which remorselessly grinds out results or a twinkled-toed but tougher Arsenal remains to be seen.

“Our aim is always to do our best in every game, but the important thing is that we have now returned to a point where we are producing our best game again consistently,” mused the poker-faced Italian manager.

“We are winning now and we have a real possibility of having a very strong finish to the season,

“I don’t know if that means we can win the title because it is not only up to us – it is about how the likes of Manchester United do, too.

“But I feel confident now that we can finish very strongly.”

Ancelotti sees no problem accommodating his two star signings in a side which thoroughly deserved to emerge handsome winners against Sunderland.

When it was pointed out to him that four goals away from home against the side two places below them was not bad going, he smiled: “Yes, but I still think we need Torres and also Luiz.

“They are fantastic players and they will bring even more power and ability to the squad.

“We feel we are in so much stronger a position now after their acquisition.

“Torres can definitely play in this side and, trust me, it won’t be a problem including him. He is a striker and we won’t have to change our shape much at all. Luiz is a Champions League player and being part of this side – where he will bring the ball out into midfield from central defence – will suit him and help us.

“It means much to me that the board have backed me over these signings.

“I think everyone can see that we are playing good football now and that, with these two new players, we will be even better.

“I think, against Sunderland, you saw that every player produced their best because they know we have new players in and everyone is under pressure and under the spotlight.

“I’m sure it helped with motivation.”