Charles N’Zogbia at Sunderland: 7 things fans had to say about move

Charles N'Zogbia
Charles N'Zogbia
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Charles N’Zogbia has linked up with Sunderland for pre-season training this week.

The former Newcastle United winger is a free agent after leaving Aston Villa at the end of the season, and is looking for a new club.

N’Zogbia played for Sunderland boss Sam Allardyce while both were at Newcastle, and has been invited to train at the Academy of Light in a bid to boost his fitness.

The move prompted a host of comments from Sunderland fans on our story. Here’s a selection of what they have said:

Glumph: “Costs nowt to have a look.”

Pontemac: “Last time we did this we managed to sign someone who was banned from playing football!”

Canis Lupus: “I know nothing of this lad’s circumstances except that he was a great talent. At 30, he is hardly over the hill. Well worth a punt.”

Tabletop581: “Sorry, don’t rate him anymore. 5-6 years ago he was a prospect, now not so. If he can’t break into a very poor Villa team, thats not a good sign.”

ZaX Xon: “I’d say Big Sam knows him, and is accomodating him. Allowing the training to determine if he signs. He was ok in the past and I am sure Sam could get the best out of him if his training shows promise.”

The Lambton Worm: “What have we got to lose?”

Manx Mackem: “No no no. He is a liability and well past his best. He appears to have an attitude problem and will add nothing to our squad apart from unrest.”