Cat Women: Momentum builds ahead of Sunderland v Manchester City in the latest SAFC Ladies column

SAFC Ladies keeper Rachael Laws
SAFC Ladies keeper Rachael Laws
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WELCOME back, I hope I am not boring you all too much!

This week is a busy week for us as it is half term and I will be out and about meeting young SAFC fans at holiday courses and fun events.

We will also be handing out prizes and, to some lucky people, Golden Tickets so that they get the chance to be involved in our first home game against Manchester City on Wednesday, April 1.

I would have loved to have been involved in a game like that when I was younger so I am really happy to be able to hand out those prizes!

Things are gearing up nicely for our season and not just on the training ground. This week, I am heading to London to take part in the FA’s pre-season photo shoot.

It is very exciting and lots of fun as I will be diving about in the studio recreating action saves – you feel a bit daft at first but once you get into the swing of it, it’s a good laugh.

The one thing that I am not keen on about the shoot is the make-up; I am not a big fan of it, especially to play football!

Last time we did a photo shoot all the girls did was stare at me and say how long my eyelashes were with mascara on!

The other bonus about pre-season is the food! I have been eating a lot lately, probably because of all of the training.

I have to confess my ambition to learn to cook has gone on the back burner, but I have discovered a fantastic new yoghurt to die for!

If you want to try it, all you need is to mix one crushed digestive biscuit with natural yoghurt and top it off with a few chocolate buttons, simple but amazing!

Enjoy your yoghurts!