Bob Stokoe achieves an ambition

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BOB STOKOE, a North-Easterner born and bred, and a player for Newcastle United for many years returns to his native area next week to fulfil one of his great ambitions.

Mr Stokoe, has never made any secret of the fact that he would jump at the chance to manage one of the North East’s big football clubs. Beginning on Wednesday he gets his chance when he takes over the reins at Roker Park.

In the Echo Sports Edition tomorrow night, Argus says that Mr Stokoe’s first-hand knowledge of club and crowd attitudes in the region will be a great asset in his exacting task of bringing success and crowd back to Roker.

Read Argus’s views on Sunderland’s future as a new era dawns for the club and how he believes Bob Stokoe will apply himself to the task ahead.

Also writing in tomorrow’s Echo Sports Edition star footballers Johnny Giles of Leeds and Arsenal’s Geoff Barnett and top soccer columnist Brian Glanville.

Story taken from the Sunderland Echo on November 24 1972.