Beyond a joke; no one wants the job – 11 things Sunderland fans said about manager hunt

Derek McInnes
Derek McInnes
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Martin Bain revealed this week that Sunderland’s search for David Moyes’ successor is ‘ongoing’ and that he is mindful of the need to get a new manager in place as quickly as possible with the players set to return for pre-season training on June 29.

The search for the man who will be charged with guiding the club through the choppy waters of the Championship is now into its third week, leaving some fans frustrated. Here’s a selection of comments from our website about the situation.

1. We have just been relegated, the squad in need of its biggest ever overhaul and the need to appoint the best manager possible is absolutely critical, get it wrong and we will struggle to stay in the Championship – SOL73

2. The way Sunderland are pussyfooting about the best hope of getting a half decent manager is to reappoint David Moyes. What a joke of a football club – Bilwatso

3. It is still Pearson and Kev Phillips for me but who knows whether that could be made to happen – Felix62

4. The retained list will obviously have to wait until a new man comes in, as will any new signings.. players leaving for fees will obviously depend on a lot of factors, but presumably bain could handle it if it came to it – 19Fabster73

5. It appears that Ellis wasn’t joking and Moyes really was his man by the lack of any suitable back up. We should have been holding interviews of a short list already accrued when we were relegated – Borneomackem

6. It’s well beyond a joke now, SAFC are doing exactly what they did last season after the big un left for England. No hurry everything is in hand Moyes comes in, we have new signings lined up only for new supposedly signings joining other clubs – old Rokerboy

7. “Preparations for the season are going well”, really? Well I for one have never heard of any transfers, any freed players,oh and don’t we need a new manager? So what is going well? – the vicar19

8. We are not the only club currently awaiting a Managers appointment so we do need some patience. - Why o Why

9. Think of all the ex-pro footballers doing their FA badges, all the managers already out there, all the qualified managers floating around at home and abroad. Then reckon on how many will get the chance to manage a club in the top two divisions of England. Not many at all, and in fact a tiny percentage. So stick an advert out there and make them apply – madrabbit

10. It’s taking so long because no one wants the job who is of any worth – red whitebarcode

11. Rebuilding to a well thought through sustainable model is more important than bouncing back and scrapping around at the bottom of the league with no visible strategy method of play or long term view beyond possibly getting a point at the weekend – Home in Time for MotD