Bertschin wants ruthless streak from Sunderland

Billy Knott
Billy Knott
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KEITH Bertschin today reminded Sunderland’s young guns that they need to start showing a killer instinct in their weekly chance to impress.

Reserves coach Bertschin said: “I thought in the first half we bossed the game, but we didn’t make a clinical pass or clinical finish in the final third, which kept the game even.

“We couldn’t score from right under their own crossbar and it has been a little bit like that of late.

“The boys have got to understand that when you are dominating a game, particularly first half, you’ve got to go on and win it.

“Losing the game isn’t what we’re here for.

“It’s very easy to say the obvious but sometimes you have to reinforce that to one or two because it’s the one opportunity they get a week to impress, for different reasons.

“You can’t freeze on the day.”

He added: “The first goal was always going to be important and we got caught out,” said Bertschin.

“Their second goal was probably the worst ball of the match and yet it ended up in our net. If one or two or none don’t want to take responsibility, that’s a bit of a problem.”

“Everybody wanted to wash their hands of it and say it was someone else’s fault.

“The goalkeeper has got to look at himself. It’s come 60 yards before he made his mind up.

“The full-back to be fair didn’t quite know where he was.

“It was in between them both so for me it’s a goalkeeping error because he’s the one who can see it all while the full-back is trying to deal with the ball and hold the attacker off.”

Healy tucked the ball home in injury time only to discover referee Richard Clark had already blown his whistle for a foul in the box on Adam Reed.

“It summed the night up when we missed the penalty,” added Bertschin.

“I think the decision had already been made but I’ve have still been a bit frustrated at 2-2.”