BARGAIN: How Sunderland fans reacted to double swoop for James Vaughan and Aiden McGeady

New Sunderland signing James Vaughan shows his delight at joining the Red and Whites.
New Sunderland signing James Vaughan shows his delight at joining the Red and Whites.
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Simon Grayson secured his first two permanent signings for Sunderland last night, landing Everton winger Aiden McGeady and Bury striker James Vaughan.

Here’s how Sunderland fans reacted on Twitter to the double swoop.

@Jmhumphreys02: Vaughan will be loved or loathed , work rates unbelievable

@Jamie_Miles: Reported £750k combined for McGeady and Vaughan now. Fantastic business by #SAFC. Happy to bolster the squad with solid players for that.

@Liam_Robson94: Well happy with these! Daryl Murphy and a quality centre back and its looking like a solid championship team!

@waldron1994: Its not about how much you spend its about the quality of the player. We’ve just spent quarter of a mill on Aiden McGeady.

@davis0688: Safc fans moan when we overspend and are in debt, they moan when we change strategy and try to improve it. Cant win

@LBrennan89: If £1.4m is true for Vaughan and McGeady combined, that is tremendous business by @SunderlandAFC in my opinion

@davidboyle1985: 250k for McGeady is startlingly good business for a club with such an appalling recent transfer policy

@bohemoth72: Vaughan has chance to prove himself again after what seems like a wasted few years. Mcg always has been a good turn

@_BarryDixon: Don’t want to jinx it but we may finally be learning how to do good business

@johnsafc87: Aiden Mcgeady. 250k. BARGAIN!!!

@Capt_Fishpaste: Just for context, #SAFC paid more for Mika than McGeady is costing.

@mrreineck86: few fans saying we have no ambition byeing league one players Leicester bought vardy from lower leagues look how that turned out!!

@JonnyMackley: If McGeady cost us £250k then that is quite simply outstanding business, £500k for Vaughan seems good but unsure at championship level

@GraysonBible: Quality bit of business by Short, Bain and Grayson and the club in the transfer window so far

@Powell_Matthew: £1.4m spent and 4 signings in. Keeps money free for other areas, finally starting to see some transfer market sense

@Rob_C7: McGeady £250k & Vaughan £500k... can’t complain at that

@sorourkeITV: Bargain business for #SAFC - that’s how they have to shop now - but much-needed. Big chance for McGeady, in particular, to be the star turn.

@bazza1804: Sure will come down with a bump, but getting a bit excited about next season!!

@scatch21: McGeady for under £500k is unbelievable business

@ConnorGardner: Two cracking signings for the championship for under 1 million pound, that’s the way to do business

@Nickthedinners: In a week where every player appears to cost £50million Aiden McGeady is an absolute bargain

@HodgeSAFC: £250,000 for Aiden McGeady who had 8 goals and 9 assists in the Championship under Grayson last season is a superb piece of business

@haymansafc: Neither fill me with confidence sorry... McGeady might be okay for us but Vaughan?! #safc Hope I’m wrong

@JakeSR4_: Seven hundred and fifty thousand pounds. Cracking business. Hopefully there’s a wedge left for a forward, Jordan Rhodes preferably