'Announce Mbappe!': Sunderland fans react to exciting investment development

Sunderland are close to securing fresh investment in the club – and fans have been quick to react to an exciting development.

Saturday, 19th October 2019, 11:50 am
Updated Saturday, 19th October 2019, 11:50 am
Sunderland fans have reacted to an exciting investment development

And fans, while skeptical in parts, have widely welcomed the exciting developments.

Here’s what they’ve been saying on social media:

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On Twitter, Karl H said: “Feels like this has been going on for a lifetime.. hopefully get this over the line and get back to getting out this league.”

snowyken added: “As if worrying about Brexit wasn’t enough #suspense”

Tom Smith joked: “Imagine if @SunderlandAFC win today then announce Mbappe on Monday?”

Kasper Haugard posted: “Gamechanger!! Onwards and upwards”

Philip West commented: “With the investment seemingly still very much in the offing, and a new manager in place, today is a great chance to really ignite our season and to start making inroads towards the top of the league.”

On Facebook, Simon Carter added: “Not being sceptical but not getting carried away either. It’ll be done when it’s done”

Kaveh Fazlali joked: “That is DELLightful”

Steven Hutchinson argued: “Why appoint a manager like we have before a takeover which potentially could attract a better manager due to investment a funds to spend surely investors would want to appoint there own higher profile manager"

Prentice Donnelly jested: “scenes it's back on. Cans out”