Andrew Lee shares his thought’s on the Manchester City v Sunderland game

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I WATCH most of my football with a man whose been watching SAFC for 73 years and his general opinion is that, during that time, SAFC have not had players that are physically big enough to compete or simply not had the heart to compete on a regular basis.

Being that man’s son, I’ve regularly disagreed with him, but yesterday I think all his opinions came to fruition.

The sheer stupidity of the team picked by our manager was, for me, the final straw.

I want him to be right, but the results of late are appalling. Once again, he put out a team that basically said “come on boys, let’s have a go” against a team that hasn’t scored more than three against anybody this season but usually grind teams down into submission.

They didn’t have to bother with their usual grinding game as SAFC just laid down and died. To see players with such great reputations at national and international level capitulate with such ease really leaves major doubts about the manager’s ability to motivate the these players.

If Zenden and Colback do not start in the next game, I really do fear for the manager’s well-being and also for that of our team.

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