Andrew Lee gives his prediction on tomorrow’s Stoke City game

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IF ever we needed something to cool our ardour or quell our ambition what happened on Tuesday night certainly did the trick.

What it showed was that there is still a massive gap between a middle-range club like ourselves and a top four or five club.

The one thing we must not do is become disheartened. Remember, this club of ours is coming from a long way back. Yes, it’s disappointing when we lose but this was by a very, very good side and no matter how beautiful that freaky result was at their place, at the moment it should be classed as a blue mooner not a regular occurrence.

The simple facts remain that we have made progress from last year and the players we currently have at the club are as good if not better than at any time in my life.

With Saturday’s match now fully in everyone’s sights, I hope the manager moves Sess just behind Gyan, a midfield four of Hendo, Steed, Muntari and Ricco backed up by Anton, Titus, Mensah and Bardo with Flash between the sticks.

Please remember to keep it on the deck because if we go airborne against these beasts as sure as eggs is eggs, we’ll come a cropper. We’ve come back from setbacks already this season – Haway, lads let’s do it again.

Prediction: Stoke 1 Sunderland 2

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