Andrew Lee gives his prediciton on the Everton game

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A VISIT to the “Blue Scouse” brings back very few pleasant memories. My last visit was meant to be a treat for my Dad’s 80th birthday – some treat it turned out to be. Terrible performance, banjoed 7-2 and topped the day by off by slipping and bouncing down the stairs (mainly on my head) on the way out of the ground.

The only two games I can remember when we came away from there with any sort of positive result were two Mickey Bridges-inspired wins and one of those had to be on penalties in the League Cup.

That shows how often we do well at this ground and of course we head there on the back three straight defeats and them having “turned their season round” in the cup last weekend.

Is it me or does every team we play at the moment seem to pick up a bit of form just before they play us?

I’ll gladly take the forward play from the last three games (without the flicks) but hope it gets backed up with some hard-headed resilient defending.

The one thing I want to see at full-time is “Everton 0”. Here’s hoping.

Prediction: Everton 2 Sunderland 0

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