15 things frustrated Sunderland fans said about Sam Allardyce's England talks

Will he or won't he? Sunderland boss Sam Allardyce has held talks with the FA
Will he or won't he? Sunderland boss Sam Allardyce has held talks with the FA
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Sunderland AFC fans have been quick to have their say after it was confirmed Sam Allardyce has held talks with the FA over the vacant England job.

Sunderland confirmed that the 61-year-old was given the go-ahead to speak with the FA, at his request.

But Sunderland insist they expected the talks to be confidential and still want Allardyce to remain at the Stadium of Light after keeping the Black Cats in the Premier League last season.

Supporters left comments on our website, social media pages and in our live blog after confirmation Allardyce had met with FA officials.
Here is the best of the fan reaction:

Nick @nicholaswilso11 tweeted @sunechosafc
Need to give them a deadline eg a week, we can't let it drag.

Dave Mordecai @Davemordecai81

FA need to now come out and say their intentions and timescale so we can lay it to rest and move on asap

Kevin bridges @KevinBridges82

Steve Bruce was very honest about England, Sam should have done the same. Club tried to hide it, sky forced their hand.

Kevin Makepeace @KevMakepeace

Why did Safc tell us he was coming back for transfer dealings?instead of the truth same old safc pr!!

Gill Burn @gillburn

Too little too late as per usual standard.

Barrie Waller @barrie_waller

He deserves his chance esp if you look at previous incumbents ....just hope we have contingency plans in place.

George Ritchie MBE @GeorgeRitchi

The FA couldn't care less about our Club they never have done so why now they are acting as footballs bully boys @FA

Tony Shepherd @TonyShe73632450

Go now Sam all credibility lost you have lost the fans #clearoffsam

Jill Gale @jillcork

A decision needs to be made soon for the sake of the club and fans!!

Danny Groves @dpgroves6

NO. Not HOPE, make it happen. That's what TOP CEO'S in every business do. He and Short need to act decisively now

Neil Grieves @notch_32

It's a complete joke. 4 weeks till first game of season and we don't know who manager will be or any new players

jamesox @JamesJamesox

The club need to take the option for prolonged talks away, get rid and get the new man in asap

Meanwhile, over on our website, Sunderland fans also had their say.

Morecambered said: "It seems to me that SA is going.

"So lets hope there is a plan B. I dont want him to go,as the instability this is causing could be fatal.

"A new manager will chop and change players,backroom staff etc etc.I dont begrudge Sam,but it needs sorting NOW."

KenDoddsDogsDead added: "Once. Just once is all I ask that we have a dull, non-eventful season where we achieve mid-table, nobody leaves, nobody gets up to illegalities, and nobody notices us at all.

"Let's all face it, he's getting the England job, and the club (eventually) are right in what they said in the statement.

"So, that leaves the next drama...who's next?

"Moyes? Klinnsman? Hoddle?......or will we show zero ambition again and go for Dyche or Giggs?"

Route24 wrote: "I have had the same misgivings as the authors of many other comments over the past few days, but at last the club have felt the time is now right to put out an official statement.

"I am not always a defender of the quality of their communication with the supporters, but I think on this occasion they have struck the right balance.

"Especially with regard to, in a measured way, making clear to the FA the responsibility they have towards one of its members.

"So over to the FA. Get this sorted ASAP. Don't drag your feet. Have some respect for our club."