11 things Sunderland fans said about Simon Grayson’s blast at players

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Simon Grayson has wasted no time in laying down a marker as Sunderland manager.

In the aftermath of a dreadful 3-0 defeat against St Johnstone, the Black Cats boss hit out at some of the performances, saying: “If players are not willing to work hard for this shirt they can go somewhere else.”

Here’s a selection of comments left on our website in response to what Grayson said.

1 Breath of fresh air this fella. No one will care if the results don’t come, but his craic is absolutely perfect. Hugely hope it works out, SG’s attitude is superb and the fact he tells it like it is, class – Rollwithit

2 SG is taking exactly the right approach. It makes me wonder why on earth several past managers have not been able to do the weeding. Lazy Kone is first on my list of those who can go – Sedgefield Lad

3 Well said Simon Grayson. You have said what needed to be said. If they won’t work hard get them out. Get them out Simon. Your signings have been good don’t let the poison in the squad drag them down – Spender58

4 I believe what we witnessed was 4 outfield players and 1 goalkeeper who demonstrated clearly by putting in a rubbish shift that they want to force through a move. Well good luck and get them out to free up funds to bring in players who want the shirt! – Knockout28

5 Come on Simon, now you’ve sussed them...for yours and our sake, cut these, (and the other), money grabing, lazy, mercenaries out ASAP. They are like a bad disease at SAFC...and have been for a few years now, plundering our once proud club – TigerFTM

6 Simon - Just one simple question. Who are you going to replace them with when you have an owner backing you with no cheque book? A bad owner who has taken this club down to unbelievable depths. Another manager destined to fail by an owner who NEVER backs them – Why o Why

7 Simon just get rid. Don’t bother with warnings. Your stature in the eyes of supporters will triple. We don’t want them here – dotcom

8 It is a well known fact that we have players who don’t want to play for the club and refuse to try. To those players I ask which manager would want to invest in such a bad attitude and risk you doing the same to them – Footy Knowledge

9 Well said sg sell them on if not giving 100% for the full game and get some more bargains in – Stocktonmackem

10 Bang on, about time too. no more take the money and run. Previous managers have shafted this once “ Bank of England Club” – Billofengland

11 A similar tone to that of PDC. In Paolos case the players won. They won’t win against SG though – madrabbit