11 things Sunderland fans said about potential fan-led takeover

Fulwell73 is a hugely successful production company
Fulwell73 is a hugely successful production company
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News of a potential fan-led takeover dominated the Sunderland agenda last night.

With the club facing significant financial difficulties and morale low after a wretched season, there was understandable excitement at the prospect of three fanatical Black Cats fans taking control.

There has been plenty of concern, however, about a role for Tony Adams. The former Arsenal defender has been linked with a potential football role in the new regime but it has also been suggested that he is merely advising on the takeover bid.

Here's what you've been saying...

Plenty of positivity for a fan-led group...

ALS Fanzine: We've met these guys a few times over the years. Good lads, would be amazing if this came off

Gary Woods: I'm all for this. Much rather have Sunderland fans running the club than some consortium who just see it as an investment

Steve McCourt: @Fulwell73 Come on lads, push this through!

Paul Cain: This will be a true test of Short's ideals, if Fulwell73 can provide the funding then surely selling to a fans group is the way to go

Barry Pollock: If true @Fulwell73 can you please crack on we are getting desperate up here!

Neil Hall: @Fulwell73 you guys are just what we need, be great if you can pull it off. If it doesn't come off, keep flying the flag from the US

Some fans are concerned about the potential funding....

Mick_Mack_78: Do they have the funds to sustain a promotion bid?

Steve Mcgarrigle: Really don't like this idea of a fan consortium, you need billions not millions to run a football club

And the Adams connection had alarm bells ringing....

James Tweddell: Tony Adams was a brilliant centre half and a leader of men. But reality is since retiring he has become a laughing stock.. please no

Tom Sutherland: I presume the fans consortium hoping to buy Sunderland and appoint Tony Adams, are Newcastle fans

Matt Crighton: SAFC fans taking over the club is a romantic idea. It becomes all the more typically SAFC when you hear that Tony Adams name is in the mix