11 things Sunderland fans said about Darron Gibson's outburst

Sunderland midfielder Darron Gibson.
Sunderland midfielder Darron Gibson.
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Echo readers have been quick to have their say about Sunderland midfielder Darron Gibson's extraordinary outburst about the team and his fellow players.

Just hours after Sunderland lost 5-0 at home in a pre-season friendly to Celtic, Gibson was captured on a video shared on social media making foul-mouthed and derogatory comments in a bar.

Gibson can be seen talking in derogatory terms about the team and claiming some of the players don't care about the club.

Sunderland have since announced they have launched an internal disciplinary process against the midfielder, who has apologised for his actions.

Echo readers were quick to have their say about Gibson's comments on our social media pages.

On Twitter, Sunderland fan Chris Owen tweeted: "He didn't say anything the players themselves haven't already said, or shown in their performances."

Neil H added: "The most astonishing part of this is that someone from the club told the truth about how bad we are."

Meanwhile, George agreed with Gibson's sentiments adding: "He's right" something which Claudiu Marincas agreed with: "I think he is right what he is saying."

On our Facebook page, Shaun Graham wrote: "Nothing wrong with him having a drink.. We all complain that players have lost touch with fans etc. He's speaking to fans giving his true opinions and people criticise him. No wonder players want to stay away and not speak as they get set up and slated."

Paul Burdess added: "Think it's time the club start acting like a club and coming down heavy on players.

"Players are representatives of the club when out and should start acting appropriately. This behaviour isn't acceptable as they are role models for kids who look up to players. About time fines and suspensions are dished out."

Steve Walters said: "Entitled to a drink after work just like the rest of us."

Sean Allan added: "He's right, some of the players clearly don't want to play for Sunderland. No passion at all."

Gary S Forsyth wrote: "Gibson needs to talk about himself first before he calls other players."

Jean Burnip added: "Hes only speaking the truth..the whole lot of them are a joke!"

Brentt Billy Barker said: "Just saying what were all thinking, at least he's not sugar coating it," while Chris White added: "Just saying what everyone else is thinking tbh."