11 things SAFC fans said about David Moyes' 'relegation battle' comments

David Moyes made the comments follow his club's 2-1 defeat to Middlesbrough on Sunday.
David Moyes made the comments follow his club's 2-1 defeat to Middlesbrough on Sunday.
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Sunderland manager David Moyes sparked a huge reaction from Black Cats fans after admitting his club was facing "another relegation battle".

The comments came following his side's 2-1 defeat to Middlesbrough at the Stadium of Light. The match was Moyes' first home game in charge.

Speaking after the game, when asked whether or not Sunderland would be facing relegation this season, he said: "They'd probably be right, because that's the position the club has been in for the last four or five years.

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"Why would that suddenly change? I think it will be (a relegation battle). I don't think you can hide from the fact that it will be the case.

"People will be flat because they're hoping that something is going to dramatically change. It can't dramatically change. It can't."

But what did you make of the comments? Here's what you had to say on social media.

Keith Whalen: "For the last few seasons Sunderland have spent a lot of time around the relegation zone, often with safety only secured in the last few games. To start a new season with a weakened squad, no new signings of any real significance and a new manager with a poor return at his last two clubs does not bode well."

Gavin Brown: "He's right but maybe comments should be kept to himself for now - unless he is playing a clever game with Short to get money! We need 6-8 quality signings in and for quality you need to spend big."

Graeme Collinson: "I've ultimate faith in Moyes to turn us around. Even if we get relegated he'll build a team to make us solid and difficult to beat, just needs time. A lot of time. So sacking him will not be the right thing to do."

Tony Isles: "Moyes is putting his Man Utd head on for Sunderland instead of his Everton one. Despite being a good manager for Everton, Man Utd ruined his confidence."

Paul Burdess: "Gonna be a long season if the manager has no hope. This is a pathetic reaction in my eyes and serious questions should be asked because of his answers. Players pick up on vibes and if the manager is negative then what hope have we got."

Paul O'Leary: "We have 10 days to sign 6-8 quality players because that side is weaker than the one that started last season. At the moment that side won't even be battling relegation it will just be relegated."

Ray Lindstedt: "Well if that's what he's thinking get upstairs to Short's office and demand decent money for some decent players, yes the young ones are decent players, but it's experience players we need,"

Andrew Gatenby: "Defeatist manager, depleted squad, only players we can get are inexperienced rejects and loanees. Keep the faith wears a bit thin when yet another relegation battle is likely (according to the manager). I don't blame the players at all as they simply aren't good enough so Mr Short ... the buck stops with you."

Kieron Peverley: "Just what you want to hear from your manager two games into the season but I couldn't agree more with him."

Chris Tempest: "That comment is basically saying 'get used to this because we haven't got any money to spend to change things'. Finally this is the season we go down."

Keith Coundon: "I would like to think it's a message to the chairman to make some dramatic changes in the club's current transfer policy."