10 things you said about Sunderland and Ryan Giggs

Ryan Giggs.
Ryan Giggs.
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Former Sunderland defender Michael Gray recently championed Manchester United legend Ryan Giggs.

Gray, speaking on talkSPORT, said he was “not trying” to get David Moyes out at Sunderland but said Giggs could do a “Roy Keane”.

The former Man United skipper as hired by Niall Quinn in 2006, his fellow Irishman leading the Black Cats to the Championship title and back into the Premier League.

Here are some of things you said about Giggs and the current situation at Sunderland ...

David Simpson: Ridiculous. So let’s sack Moyes, give Giggs a month or two, then sack him and give Keane a go for a month or two, then bring back Sam for a month or so and then find someone else.

Steve Lee: no like taking another step backwards.. losing hope for us this season, big sam left, moyes came in (never been fan of hes) this season proving why and now linked with giggs who not experianced enough as manager to sort us out in relegation fight .. no good signings

Andy Phil Taylor Raine: If anyone ever takes any notice off gray you will fail there’s nothing wrong with David Moyes he needs time I blame everything on the owner lack off investment we need

Alfie Tarrant: Yet more rubbish I know why don’t the club appoint a manager that failed miserably at the last two clubs he was at

Ryan Haswell: he has no managerial experience apart from a temporary man United role so no

Dixie McCreary: Hes done nowt.

Daniel Osborne: Swansea didn’t want him so why would we!

Neil King: Some one been silly again

Les Coope:r Let’s stick with moyes

Anthony Blakeston: You cannot be serious