10 things you said about Roy Keane and Sunderland

Roy Keane
Roy Keane
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Roy Keane described Sunderland a “brilliant club” during a Republic of Ireland press conference.

The Manchester United legend had been asked if would be tempted back into club management - but said it all depended on the club and who approached him.

“It all depends, it depends on the club,” he said. “When I stopped playing, I didn’t think I was going to go into management, but then a brilliant club like Sunderland came calling.

“It’s all ifs and ands. It depends who comes calling - Real Madrid, Barcelona, Altrincham, Barnet... It’s not in my mindset. I’m not one for networking, I don’t have an agent, I don’t apply for jobs and I never have.”

Here are some of things you said about Keano and the current situation at Sunderland ...

Kevin Twinn: Let’s stick with Moyes. Just changing managers every few months is the reason we are in this mess. We need some stability and some better longer term plans in place. Moyes will turn this around but abandoning him after 6 or 7 weeks is not the answer and neither is Roy Keane, Ryan Giggs or any other desperate name chucked into the pot.

Lee Riley: Can’t believe ppl are blaming this mess on moyse. mourinho wouldnt do any better in this predicament.all about recruitment in summer and losing big Sam so late in the window.he wasn’t backed anywhere near other managers have been and short has supposedly been head hunting him for yrs.money should of been spent on a striker as a priority.cant depend on Defoe alone

Steve Walters: He didn’t put a shift in when Sunderland were floating near the bottom of the table he was home walking his dog instead of taking training.

Laura Hanson: I’d have him back. Couldn’t do any worse than Moyes at the moment!

Paul Jeffries: He loved SAFC from day 1. It was the board he had the problem with.

Sarah Jane O’Neill: Bring him back he has unfinished business! Need rid of Short before that will happen

Phil Christie: went sour when Short took over. loved the drummaville days.

Ryan Graham: As if he would come back, everyone knows the mess we are in at the moment.

Ryan Haswell: no it would definitely be a backwards step

John Wells: We scored more goals than any other club in added time during his time because he had the team training to play for 120 mins not 90 I did like his ethos unfortunately these days managers can’t get away with that way of managing players