Revealed: How much being in the Premier League is worth to Newcastle and Sunderland's economy

How much the Premier League is worth to the UK's economy.
How much the Premier League is worth to the UK's economy.
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Being in the Premier League is worth more than £50million a year to the local economy of relegation-threatened Newcastle United and Sunderland.

That's the finding of a new survey which examines how much being in the top flight of English football generates in terms of travel and tourism.

Newcastle benefits from more than £28million a year, while in Sunderland the figure is almost £23million, according to

The survey takes into account the 20 teams, playing 380 games in 13 cities around the country, and works out the average income from inter-city travel, accommodation, and food and drink, which totals £447million across the country.

With five teams in the Premier League, it is no surprise that London benefits the most financially from the tournament, with a total income of £134million.

Here's a breakdown of total income generated by the Premier League

London – £134,337,000

Manchester – £69,810,000

Liverpool – £43,884,000

Birmingham –£30,630,000

Newcastle – £28,124,000

Sunderland – £22,860,000

Leicester – £16,668,000

Southampton – £15,850,000

Norwich – £14,544,000

Stoke-on-Trent – £13,658,000

Watford – £11,118,000

Swansea – £10,927,000

Bournemouth – £5,836,000

GoEuro also compared the total income generated locally for the top five European Leagues.

It found that the Premier League is the most profitable, earning over £200million more than Germany’s Bundesliga, which generates £238million in tourism and transportation income .

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