Radio ga ga – Newcastle’s Kinnear makes stunning claims in bizarre interview

Joe Kinnear.
Joe Kinnear.
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NEWCASTLE United’s new director of football Joe Kinnear made a series of stunning claims on live radio last night.

In an extraordinary interview on talkSPORT, he:

– consistently mispronounced names, including Derek ‘Llambayzee’, Yohan ‘Kebabs’, Hatem Ben ‘Afra’, Jonas ‘Goaltierrez’ and Shola ‘Amamobi’

– claimed Derek Llambias had resigned to open up the role to him

– backtracked on claims he would have the final say on transfers by saying Alan Pardew and Graham Carr would also have equal influence

– claimed some fans criticising his appointment were “talking out of their backside” and said he “has more intelligence than them”

– said he would meet with Pardew today over lunch

– Revealed adding a prolific goalscorer is his priority this summer

– claimed he signed Tim Krul, despite the fact the goalkeeper joined Newcastle three years before Kinnear’s first arrival

– said he worked with James Perch in his first spell at St James’s Park, despite the fact he joined over a year after Kinnear’s departure

– insisted Pardew’s job was not under threat because of his arrival

Kinnear’s arrival has not yet been confirmed by the club, but he opened up the interview by revealing: “Derek Llambayzee (sic) was the director of football, he resigned and the role became available.”

The Irishman also insisted he did a good job in his short stint in charge at St James’s Park between 2008 and 2009.

He defended his managerial record and blasted those questioning his appointment.

He added: “They keep saying, ‘What did I do?’, I mean, where have these people been? Have they been on another planet?

“I played in five cup finals and won the lot. I have had over 400 games for Tottenham Hotspur.

“I have been manager of the year three times. I have travelled the world as a manager.

“This job came up which I thought was a fairly responsible job.

“Already they are jumping on the bandwagon. ‘Watch out Pardo, watch out this’ but that is the snidey press.

“That is the people up there that I have upset and they have a grudge so I expect it. It is water off a duck’s ****.

“I know exactly what type of players that are needed. I know the type of football that is needed to play.

“I played with some of the best players in the world at Tottenham, at the best team in the world at Tottenham.

“Unfortunately when I went up there for some reason I didn’t dance to the tune of the Geordie media. I took no notice of them. I am single-minded.”

Kinnear stressed that his role at Newcastle will be to work in partnership with the manager over the club’s transfer policy, with Llambias left to focus on the finances.

Pardew and Kinnear are set to meet today, and the new director of football insisted they are singing from the same hymn sheet.

“No-one has got an ego. I haven’t got an ego.

“We will all sit down and discuss it and do what is best for Newcastle football club.

“In my opinion we need a striker and I see that as desperate.

“When I speak to Pards tomorrow, he may see some other position that he wants to get a better player.

“I will ask Alan who he has seen and I shall sit down with the scout.

“If they have seen those players, I want to cast my eye over them.

“I will have a look at them. This is not about me coming in like some of the **** about me taking over. It is absolutely nonsense.

“Unfortunately they are feeding it to the Geordie fans and I just hope they are not daft enough to believe it.”

Kinnear also said he was happy with the general state of Newcastle’s squad, although he consistently mispronounced names.

He added: “I think they have got some magnificent midfield players – Tiote, Ben Afra (sic), Yohan Kebabs (sic), Sissoko.

“I think we need a prolific goalscorer to come in and assist Cisse. I think that is one of the key areas.

“A lot of players are there that were there when I was there. I bought Krul there (sic), the goalkeeper, and I think he is a terrific goalkeeper.

“Shola Amamobi (sic) is still there, Sammy is getting better and better. Goaltierrez (sic) is still there, Tayls is still there, Perch is still there (sic), Ryan Taylor is still there so there is enough players there that I know.

“In my opinion I still think we are short of quality players. If we have to compete with the best in the Premiership then we need to be stronger.”

Kinnear described Ashley as “generous” and believes money will be available to strengthen the areas needed.

However, he had a stinging response to the criticism aimed at him by some of the Tyneside public.

“To all the Newcastle fans who don’t agree with this decision, should I bring Llambayzee (sic) back in? What do you want? I heard that silly comment ‘What can I attract?’

“I can open the door to any football manager in the world, that is the difference.

“I have spent my whole life picking the phone up to Sir Alex Ferguson, week-in, week-out.

“I can pick the phone up at any time of the day and speak to Arsene Wenger. I don’t know what angle they have got.

“Some of them are just talking out of their backside, a load of tosh, and I am not accepting it. It is as simple as that.

“I have certainly got more intelligence than them, that is for sure.”

Listen to the full interview here