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Don’t boycott Newcastle United v Tottenham says boss John Carver

A campaign calling on supporters not to attend the home match against Tottenham Hotspur on April 19 has been launched in the wake of the Wear-Tyne derby defeat.

We need as much help and support as we can get to drive the players over the line, to get more points on the board


There was an angry backlash on Tyneside to the loss, the Magpies’ fifth successive reverse against Sunderland.

And the camapign was launched on social media with the hashtag #boycottspurs and has the backing of the Newcastle United Supporters Trust and fanzine True Faith.

Head coach Carver says he has “sympathy” with those disillusioned supporters who are considering not going to the match to make their point to owner Mike Ashley.

But he has pleaded with them to turn up at St James’s Park – as his out-of-form team needs their support more than ever.

“I think all supporters go to work, pay their money and they’re entitled to do whatever they want to,” said Carver, whose side is NOT yet safe from the threat of relegation from the Premier League

“The one thing I would say is we’ve had this in the past and the fans have got behind the team.

“That’s important, especially the situation we’re in at the moment. We need that.

“We need as much help and support as we can get to drive the players over the line, to get more points on the board, because as we all know, nine points can be eaten away very, very quickly.

“We need as much help and support as we can get.

“But I still have sympathy for the people who want to do that – that’s fine.”

Newcastle are 13th in the league and bottom of the six-game form table, after the derby defeat, and they could be far closer to the relegation zone by the time they kick-off at Liverpool on Monday night.

And fans have got little back this season from their emotional and financial investment in a team which has struggled at both ends of the pitch.

Asked why supporters should back his players when they have got little back this season, Carver said: “It’s an important part of the season now.

“We’re at the business end and I’m pleading ‘get behind the team, give us your support’, because it makes a difference.

“It does make a difference. We’ve seen that. We’ve got booed off at half-time against Arsenal and then we got a standing ovation at the end.

“We still lost the game, but it made a difference. We got that momentum.

“I remember the 4-4 against Arsenal. You get the momentum and it’s very, very difficult when you get momentum at St James’s Park for the opposition.

“That’s why against Spurs they’ll be crucial for us.”