Ryhope CW appeal against FA ruling

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RYHOPE CW have not given up hope of retaining their place in the EBAC Northern League Second Division.

Late on Wednesday they were informed by the FA that they would be treated as a relegated club but the Colliers immediately swung into action to launch an appeal.

Secretary Dougie Benison explained: “We have a right of appeal and this was submitted yesterday (Friday). We feel we have a good case for a one-year extension to give us time to update our facilities.

“The FA and the ENL have been very helpful and I don’t want to say too much at this stage but obviously the committee and manager Martin Swales are waiting to see where we stand.”

Benison confirmed that very soon work will start on extending the dressing rooms and provide new changing accommodation for match officials and new toilets.

“Once this work is completed we can then go ahead building a new 50 seater stand for which we have planning permission.

“The stand has already been made by a Washington based company and it is ready to be provided as soon as we can give the company access. It is totally funded so we have no financial considerations to consider.”

It is uncertain when the appeal to the FA will be heard but Benison is hoping it will be soon.

So to, will Alnwick Town who could be relegated should the decision go in Ryhope’s favour. There is also a knock-on effect, possibly for the Wearside League. Although it is unsure which league Ryhope would be relegated to, the obvious avenue for them is the Wearside League.