Prices set to remain the same

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EBAC Northern League clubs will not increase basic prices for visits by Darlington 1883, who have a big following.

The announcement comes after a small number of clubs were accused of “cashing in” on Darlington’s fans.

All nine clubs still to host the Quakers will charge just £5 or £6, with concessionary admission at Ashington as low as £1.50.

Northern League Chairman Mike Amos welcomed the clubs’ decision coming after Manchester City fans were charged £62 to watch the Arsenal match.

He said: “There has been a great deal of publicity about the three clubs which increased admission.

“It’s easy to forget that there are 20 other clubs which charged the normal admission fee.

“The disproportionate publicity has suggested that the ENL is full of clubs out to make a quick buck at Darlington’s expense but this shows that the total opposite is true.

“Whatever happens in the Premiership, in the Northern League we try to champion fair play. I’m genuinely grateful to all those clubs for helping to strengthen our reputation.”

Darlington chairman Denis Pinnegar said he was delighted at the news. “It’s great that our fans aren’t been taken advantage of. I hope that clubs will appreciate the value of the Darlington fan base.”

Quakers line up against Sunderland RCA at Meadow Park on Saturday. Tickets purchased in advance are at the normal price of £5 but in an attempt to address car parking problems, admission on the day is £6.

H The only surving game in the Wearside League tonight sees Sunderland West End take on Easington Colliery, but conditions put this game in jeapardy too.

West End have David Fryett struggling with an injury but Ross Kennedy is available. Easington are delighted to have Chris Tarn back on board. He has been sidelined for a year through injury.

Goalkeeper Graham Pickering is also named in a strong squad.