Beth Mead’s Sunderland Who’s Who!

Beth Mead
Beth Mead
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Sunderland Ladies striker Beth Mead gives an insight into her squad-mates ahead of the Super League campaign.


Keira Ramshaw

Keira Ramshaw

She’s our vice-captain and very gobby on the field, she keeps everyone in front of her right.

She’s like the Hulk when she loses her temper but she’s a good lass really.

Rachael’s a great keeper and has better feet than most people in the team.


She’s like a stream-train – I’m not keen on going into any 50/50s with her in training!

Alice is our Development team’s keeper and a good one at that, having come through the Northern Ireland age groups.

She is 22 and in her second season with us.

She’s an excellent shot-stopper and has a great presence in goal.


Suzanne Mulvey

Suzanne Mulvey

Abby’s like a stream-train – I’m not keen on going into any 50/50s with her in training!

I’ll just move aside and let her have it.

She’s good going forward, she’ll plough people out of the way.


Steph’s our captain and led us to the WSL2 title last season.

She’s solid at the back, she has great experience

She is super committed and really enjoys what she’s doing.

She’s a great leader and deep, deep down she’s a softie.


Sharpey – or is it Sharpay from High School Musical fame?

She thinks she’s the looker of the team.

She’s very quick and that’s what you need with fast strikers about.

She joined us from our rivals Leeds and she’s combined well with Steph.


 I stay with Gemma up here and get on very well with her.

She’s a very solid defender and not a player you want to be going into a 50-50 with.

She’s a class girl who’ll get on with everyone and she’ll always tell you the truth – which is what you need to hear sometimes.


She’s got a good left peg and scored our first goal last season with a free-kick against Durham – bragging how she was top scorer at one point.

It’s nice to have someone naturally left-footed and who can pick out a good pass down the line.


Our green giant, Sarah gets herself about and she’s a good player in front of our defence, she seems to break up everything.

She’s very committed and strong in the tackle.

Mac has returned well from a long-term injury and it’s great to have her back.



I wouldn’t want to be going into any 50-50s with Furney or contest any headers.

She’s very solid in the middle, good at going forward, good at shooting, good at everything!

She has a lot about her and was our player of the year last season.


Our little Messi, she’s a very talented girl with great feet but she’s still young and will get even better.

She has a lot of passion and commitment which is good to have in the team.


She’s a dozy girl, doesn’t know her left from her right. But I think she means well!

Keira is very unselfish, she’ll play for you rather than herself, she’s a great team player.

Keira and Vicki G have a good combination down the left.


She’s settled in really well and is the new joker in the team.

She’s a funny lass, a bit mental. She’ll say she’s tired but is still running about full of energy.

She’s a good signing for the squad.

When she joined, her cover photo was of her scoring against us when she played for Doncaster so she got a bit of stick about that.

She has experience of the WSL1 so she can bring that into the team.


The grandma of our team (in terms of knowledge and experience).

I like her – she set a lot of my goals up last season.

She’s a bit of a hard case on the pitch but a big softie. I think she’ll keep playing forever.


A real dizzy blonde, but she’s clever on the pitch.

Emma plays with Messi in the England Under 19s and I was with her at Boro’s centre of excellence so have known her a long time.

She does the simple things well and plays a good role in the centre of midfield and links well with the strikers.

Even though she’s young, she has a lot of experience having being involved in the England age-group squads.


Sophie has a good left foot on her and she’s quick, she’ll beat a player.

She’s very passionate when he pulls that shirt and it’s good to have players like that all over the pitch. She’s quite fearless too.


She’s pretty quiet but she gets on with her job well.

Guttsy was injured last season so it’s good to see she has come back strongly.

She’s getting the relationship back with us on the field which has been good.

Everyone rates her highly and she’s been one of my key players for many years – so it’s brilliant having her back in the fold.


Bekki’s very good and quick.

When she played against us for Leeds we used to be fearful of her. She’ll run for you and take players on which is what you need.

She might be bright on the field but perhaps not off it.

I told her that Sunderland Aquatic Centre next to the Stadium of Light was full of fish and sharks and stuff – and she believed me.


Suzanne’s got a great engine, she’ll make the runs for you and she can score goals.

I think she’ll prove a great signing for us.


Brooke is the exciting new girl, the type of player we’ve been looking for.

We’ve played against her before when she was at Everton and she’s always been a threat.

She’s only just joined us but she’s fitted in already and has good experience, having played in Europe for Everton and for the England sides up to the Under 23s


I think he’s just got used to our banter.

He’s really good, we get on very well with him.

We have been learning new things with him and it’s gone well so far.

MEL REAY (assistant manager)

I have done a lot of work with Mel, who was a striker at Sunderland in her playing days.

She gets on well with us all and has a lot of experience.

She gets on well with Carlton and we have a good coaching staff.