Hartlepool boss has no qualms in naming and shaming his players

Jack Compton is substituted in the second half against Shrewsbury Town.
Jack Compton is substituted in the second half against Shrewsbury Town.
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RONNIE Moore has no qualms about shaming his players in public in order to spark a response from them – with Jack Compton the latest to feel the manager’s wrath.

Moore confirmed strong words were said at a group meeting following the winger’s decision to tweet in reference to the lack of shots in the 1-0 defeat at Portsmouth.

Compton had been dropped from the matchday squad and his tweet sparked an angry response from defender Scott Harrison before both messages were quickly deleted.

This week Moore described Compton as “Marmite” -- with people either loving him or hating him – but he got the response he wanted from the 26-year-old in the 1-0 win over Northampton Town.

Compton had been restored to the starting line-up and produced a man of the match performance.

Moore said: “I don’t expect the players to get me a card and thank me for leaving them out, I expect them to be upset but not moping about like Marmite.

“He is a one-off, Jack.

“He needs a sugar lump more than anything but it is about knowing your players.

“Even the big lads need a dummy and a pat on the back sometimes, it is human nature.

“You just have to know how to turn them on, what makes them tick and how do you get them angry for a Saturday or Tuesday night?

“We had a meeting in front of everybody.

“A lot of managers have a one-to-one and I do occasionally but if the players are doing things wrong then the whole group needs to know.

“If you are not doing you’re job then why should I just have a word with you about it?

“The players aren’t daft, they know.

“We had a set too and words were said but I didn’t tell Jack he was playing.

“So, when the players came in and saw the board, they probably thought, ‘Why is Jack playing? And the lad who has been brilliant at centre half [Dan Jones] is on the bench.’

“But it puts fear into them as well – they all know I’m not frightened to leave any of them out.”

Compton was lively all match against Northampton, forcing Matt Duke into a couple of saves as well as taking the game to the Town defence.

Moore added: “I’d said to Jack, there is the opportunity, go and show the group why you think you are such a good player.

“It is all right Tweeting people about no shots on target [at Portsmouth] – you go and do it.

“And to be fair he had umpteen shots against Northampton.

“That is the way to handle him, don’t mollycoddle him, if you do, you lose him.

“Nobody wants to be pointed out in front of everybody but it needed saying.

“We got the response we needed.”