Easington Colliery suffer more heartache

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EASINGTON Colliery are rock bottom in more ways than one.

After losing for the sixth consecutive time at the weekend they now prop up the STL Northern League Second Division and in keeping with the majority of clubs are finding it hard to keep their heads above water.

Recently, they had fines totalling £661 imposed by the Northern League with £250 suspended.

£111 has to be paid by Thursday and the other £300 within a month.

The biggest penalty levied was for failing to fulfil a fixture at Gillford Park on October 15, three days after manager Andy Colledge left the club.

Secretary Alan Purvis explained: “When Andy suddenly left the officials and committee tried everything possible to get players to travel to Carlisle but because it meant an early start and late getting back, we just couldn’t manage.

“It was our bad luck that the game was at Gillford Park. It probably would have been alright against any other side with the exception of Whitehaven.

“As a result, we’ve had three points deducted and a £500 imposed, half of which is suspended. In addition, we’ve got to pay fines totalling £111 for other administrative indiscretions.

“It’s not easy these days but we are paying our bills and getting through and I think the majority of clubs are in the same predicament”.

Purvis confirmed that the £111 has already been paid and there is no question that the Colliers would be suspended from the STL, which had been threatened.

“Chairman Stephen Saiger is working his socks off trying to raise funds but in the present economic climate this is extremely difficult.

“Nobody is being paid a penny but Mark Proudlock, who took over as manager, is still managing to turn out a side although we haven’t been very successful in recent week” added Purvis.