Philadelphia hope to make the most of home improvement

Philadelphia pro Armajeet Singh
Philadelphia pro Armajeet Singh
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Work is well underway on a major scheme which will improve both the square and outfield of Philadelphia Cricket Club.

The Bunker Hill square is being completely relaid and new drains installed around the entire perimiter.

Extensive drains are also being laid in the outfield and it is expected that the work will considerably improve the chances of games being played.

Chairman Malcolm Pratt said: “We have had a problem with the quality of the wickets because of thatch which has built up over the years.

“The work now taking place will remedy the problem and players should see a big improvement.

“The work on the outfield is also vital because when it rains, the water comes off the bankside and flows down towards the square.”

The scheme is being funded by a Sport England grant of £62,000.

Pratt added: “Without their help, there was no way we could have achieved what we are doing. They have been very supportive.”

The Durham Cricket League First Division club are also installing an electronic scoreboard.

They have re-engaged Indian Armajeet Singh, who took 51 wickets and scored 521 runs last season, as professional for next season and he will coach every Saturday morning.