Ward relishes learning experience in Georgian challenge

Tommy Ward
Tommy Ward
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TOMMY Ward is ready for another “test” of his professional credentials as he follows in the ringsteps of his his brother for the second fight in a row.

The 20-year-old unbeaten West Rainton prospect fights tough Eastern European George Gachechiladze over six rounds at the Colossal show at Houghton-le-Spring tomorrow.

Movement and handspeed will be the key to me winning

Tommy Ward

Last time out, the youngest of the Ward brothers collected the 12th and best win of his career by outboxing African KO specialist Isaac Owusu in Blackpool.

It matched the win of eldest sibling, Martin, who had defeated the Ghana fighter by the same scoreline at the Rainton Meadows arena at the end of November.

And now the Neil Fannan and Dave Garside talent will face another former foe of Martin tomorrow.

Gachechiladze brings a very mixed record from Georgia of 16 wins and 16 defeats, one of which was an eighth-round stoppage by Martin at Houghton in May 2012.

While, the then 26-year-old failed to go the distance, he gave the home star a tough evening before a great body shot ended the fight.

That was Martin’s 16th bout and this will be the 13th time Tommy has climbed through the ropes.

The NES Securities-sponsored boxer is well aware that this contest is another step in the right direction following points wins over Chris Adaway and Owusu.

“You need these fights to learn from,” he told the Echo.

“He’s a come forward, non-stop fighter who has a lot of aggression.

“Adaway came for a bit of a go - after a couple of rounds he tried to put it on me.

“You have to keep to the boxing skills, I don’t think anyone has the skills to outbox me.

“I think I have the skills and the speed to win.

“At Blackpool, I just went out to use my skills, my handspeed and footwork, and it was easy in the end.

“When Martin beat this lad I’m boxing on Sunday, I always thought he was ahead, but he had to fight to win the fight.

“He couldn’t let his foot off the gas for a second, the lad was there in his face all the time.

“Movement and handspeed will be the key to me winning.”

Ward, like his big brother, is not lacking in self-belief and he’s looking as good as he’s ever looked.

Fannan and promoter Phil Jeffries rated the win over Owusu as the best yet, though Tommy remained modest.

“I’m not sure it’s the best I’ve boxed, Fanno and Jaffa said so which was nice to hear,” he said.

“A lot of people said I boxed well and I thought it was a good performance.

“The best yet? I don’t know, I couldn’t really say.”

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